Our Language Schools in Canada and Mexico

VEC also offers an Intensive Spanish program, as well as
various elective courses

We have the largest and most prominent language schools in their respective
regions.  Each school normally has 400 to 700 students.  Both schools offer
instruction in English and Spanish.  Our
Guadalajara school is very unique, in that it attracts international ESL students. 

Vancouver English Centre

Vancouver English Centre is certified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Human Resources Development
Canada.  VEC is registered with the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia (number T0196).   VEC is incorporated within the province of British Columbia (number 440902).  VEC actively supports a number of educational organizations including CAPLS, TEAL, and NAFSA.

Vancouver Language Centre

Vancouver Language Centre, Guadalajara is a branch of  Vancouver English Centre in Vancouver, Canada.  VLC is accredited by the Secretaria de Educaciòn Pùblica (SEP).  VLC is also a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Guadalajara, The American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, and Coparmex of Mexico.

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Vancouver Language Centre
is accredited by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP).

Entrance of the
Vancouver Language Centre
campus in
Guadalajara, Mexico


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