TEFL Certificate Program in Mexico

Teach English in Vancouver or Guadalajara

Vancouver Language Centre
(Guadalajara, Mexico)
Vancouver English Centre
(Vancouver, Canada)

The VLC TEFL Program is designed for people who wish to pursue a serious career in teaching English to adults in Mexico and around the world. We use a practical, hands-on style of teaching that gives the students lots of practical skills and experience. Our teachers use a variety of teaching media, such as videos, audio tapes, games, and other resources in their classes to make learning fun as well as informative.

This four-week TEFL course is designed mainly for those wishing to teach adults. It also includes a short introduction to Teaching English to Children (TEC) and Teaching Business English (TBE). For those people wanting to specialize in these other areas, they may take the advanced classes offered immediately after the general TEFL Certificate Program. For more information see the other pages for TEC and TBE.

People wishing to take the TEFL Certificate Program are not required to have experience teaching languages. All students of the TEFL will receive sufficient practicum time actually teaching classes to gain enough confidence and experience to be able to conduct efficient, productive classes upon graduating.

The TEFL Certificate Program is 120 hours of instruction. During this time you will spend approximately the following amount of hours on each of the following topics:

Introduction to TEFL, history of english and overview of program
5 hours
Lesson Planning
30 hours
Teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
15 hours
Teaching Grammar
15 hours
Classroom management and teaching styles
10 hours
Creative use of resources (e.g. media, games and other resources)
10 hours
Teaching pronunciation and vocabulary
6 hours
Intro to Teaching English to Children (TEC): A special approach
3 hours
Intro to Teaching Business English (TBE): Meeting specific needs
3 hours
Classroom Observations and Critiques
6 hours
10 hours
Job Preparation and Placement Assistance
7 hours
Total Hours of Instruction
120 hours

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